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Validator K.K

Physics and Chemistry Equipment Validation maintenance

Business Category : Process Measurement / Inspection、Sterilization / clean related equipment services、Contract Service- Analysis & test 、Contract Service- Others、Regenerative medicine treatment

Main Service Region : Japan、Asia

Business Overview

Company Name Validator K.K
Address 2-12-11 Mikunihonmachi,Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city,Osaka
Phone +816-7181-4545
Year Established Feb.2015 
Capital 10000000 Yen

Business Overview

・We provide on site validation/qualification services.

・We provide disinfectants and other sanitary products.  

Company Message

Validator has provided test, certify and calibration services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, academic research facilities throughout Japan and south east Asia. Validator serves the critical equipment and controlled environments crucial to their operations. 

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