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Globizz Corporation

FDA consulting / US regulatory consulting, Japan Advancement Consulting, Writing for the above-mentioned, publishing and seminar

Business Category : Consulting、Translator,Interpreter

Main Service Region : Japan、United States、India

Business Overview

Company Name Globizz Corporation
Address US Headquarters Street Address: 1411 W. 190th St., #200 Los Angeles, California 90248, U.S.A.
Phone 1-310-538-3833
Year Established May 2005'
Capital $100,000 USD

Business Overview

  • FDA consulting / US regulatory consulting
        • FDA Consulting
        • US EPA Consultant
        • State Regulation Consulting
  • Japan Advancement Consulting
        • Operating activities support
        • Marketing support
        • Japan business start-up support
        • M & A / business alliance
        • Contract negotiations
        • Japan office agency
        • Market research
  • Writing for the above-mentioned, publishing and seminar

Company Message

Our foremost goal is to offer an exceptional consulting service to help our clients achieve success in overseas expansion.

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