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Connected mSafety™ Digital Biomarker Solution for clinical trials

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Connected mSafety™ Digital Biomarker Solution for clinical trials 


mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution (DBS) that combines wearable devices and cloud solution is designed for clinical trials.  
You can get raw data from sensors constantly  leveraging LTE network, that provides opportunities of more detailed data analysis. 
Since the wearable device is always connected to the network, patient need no operation to collect data. 
mSafety DBS  cloud service provide advanced service to minimize operation of clinical trials including device management and adherence.  

Remote operation for trials

mSafety DBS cloud solution provide complete remote based platform which enhance management of clinical trials operation. ​ 
On the platform, you can allocate devices for each clinical trial, configure sensor parameters of each device, and the settings are automatically downloaded to the devices, so no operations are required on the device side. 
You can bind  patiants and  anonymous IDs which are used for data analysis in external systems. 
Additionally, since the wearable devices are always connected to the network, data collecting status can be shown in almost real time, it should contribute better adherence. 

mSafety wearable spec



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