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SPLine, as a member of the MEDIPAL group, will leverage our group's advanced distribution management function, such as strict quality control, response to various temperature zone logistics and infallible and high level traceability functions.

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Product & Service

Temperature control in pharmaceutical storage warehouses

Service Category :Logistics&Warehouse、Development、Regulation、Modality

The temperature of pharmaceutical storage areas must be managed based on GMP/GDP guidelines, so it is necessary to select appropriate temperature monitoring equipment and systems that comply with these guidelines.
The location for installing temperature monitoring sensors is determined based on the results of temperature mapping, so temperature loggers for temperature monitoring are  also required to be able to be installed flexibly in various locations.

◆Image of temperature management system installation

The temperature logger used in this system uses a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) method that can handle both data communication and power supply with a single LAN cable to ensure stable data transfer and continuous power supply while easily realized to install and move to various measurement locations. In addition, by combining it with the cloud system "LogView," which automatically collects and manages temperature logger measurement data, it becomes possible to remotely monitor and centrally manage data from multiple locations.

Main features of this system

  •  A system configuration that can flexibly accommodate pharmaceutical storage of various scales, from small to large.

Main features of temperature logger

  • Adopts a PoE method that flexibly supports installation and movement while ensuring data communication stability and continuous power supply.
  • If the power supply or communication line is unavailable due to a power outage, etc., the operation automatically switches to the backup battery and backup memory.

Ensure data reliability

  • Temperature calibration is performed on all temperature loggers before installation.
  • Continuously guarantees the reliability of measurement data by providing consistent support from post-installation periodic calibration to maintenance of the entire system.

◆Main management functions for measurement data

The cloud-based sensing system “LogView” is equipped with various functions necessary for temperature control in pharmaceutical storage warehouses such as automatically collecting measurement data transferred from temperature loggers, displaying graphs that allow you to check changes in measurement results, downloading various data, sending alerts when abnormalities occur, etc.

Check the trend of measurement results


Download data


Notification of abnormality occurrence