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AGC Biologics. Inc

AGC Biologics is a global CDMO providing development and manufacturing services for protein-based biologics and advanced therapies.

Business Category : Drug Substance, Drug Additives, Intermediate、CMO、Pharmaceutical manufacturing、Regenerative medicine treatment

Main Service Region : Japan、United States、Europe(excluding UK)、United Kingdom、Asia

Product & Service

Plasmid DNA

Service Category :Modality

To support your pDNA needs, AGC Biologics utilizes a customized process based on your specific plasmid and hosting system. We have extensive technical expertise in fermentation, purification, and analytics, and our highly experienced teams routinely manufacture GMP-grade pDNA materials.

Our pDNA material can support a variety of uses, and our vaccine pDNA is approved for use by the USDA. 

pDNA Production and Manufacturing Services

  • DNA adjuvants and vaccines

  • Starting material for RNA drugs and vaccines

  • Cell-free protein expression platforms

  • Starting material for gene therapy, including viral vector manufacturing:

    • Lentivirus, adeno-associated virus, and other viral vectors

  • Development scales start at 1L and go up to 10L

  • A range of High-Quality and GMP manufacturing scales up to 1,000L

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