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Almac is recognised globally as a key player in the area of biocatalyst research, development and commercial supply of biocatalytically derived achiral and chiral products at multi-tonne scale. Our expertise ranges from enzyme discovery, engineering and screening to the enzyme applied synthesis of complex chiral products, all based on Almac’s selectAZymeTM technology.


Almac has an established platform technology for the secure supply of selectAZymeTM biocatalysts for clients’ non-GMP and GMP manufacturing projects. Biocatalysts are now essential tools in chemical synthesis and offer a direct and simple way to synthesise complex achiral and chiral compounds.

Our exclusive selectAZymeTM technology platform consists of multiple recombinant enzyme panels that can be used in chemical processing across multiple functional group interchanges. Enzymes can offer attractive new synthetic routes to compounds and can deliver best-in-class synthesis that offer many advantages over traditional chemistry, such as lower waste, fewer processing steps, high purity and lower cost.



Why choose Almac for biocatalysis?

We can help take your project from conception to scale-up.
Our biocatalysis group consists of computational, molecular and microbiologists, enzymologists, organic chemists and analysts, and have demonstrated expertise in in gene identification, expression, enzyme evolution, fermentation, enzyme production and biotransformation scale-up.
Our team is closely linked to the process chemistry and manufacturing chemistry groups, where enzyme discovery and development is integrated with screening and route definition. Each member of the team brings expertise to complex processes and procedures and can rapidly implement an enzymatic process to significantly improve the yield and timelines of a multistep synthesis.


“I can fully recommend Almac as a partner of choice in the area of bio-processing, enzyme immobilisation and chemistry scale-up.”

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