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Release Date : 2022/06/23

Release Date : 2022/06/23

Solid State Services

Service Category :API

Our Physical Sciences group unites chemists, analysts and formulators in one team, adding value through synergy. They have a considerable breadth of expertise in form screening and selection, so they can skilfully guide you to make the right decisions at the right time.

We develop and validate processes and methods to control and deliver the desired form during scale-up, troubleshoot existing problems and provide support for your intellectual property.

Our highly skilled scientists have undertaken thousands of studies that range from routine analysis to challenging characterisation under GMP studies.



formufastTM for Early Enabling formulations

Often drug candidates can exhibit poor bioavailability in early animal studies, which cannot always be overcome by traditional salt formation or particle size reduction strategies. Developing a strong understanding early in drug development is key to preventing common reasons for failure and producing enabling formulations to maximise outcomes. Our early formulation platform, formufastTM, allows rapid, tailored screening of small quantities of API against a range of excipients.


Advantages of formufastTM screening include:

• Rapid identification of potential bioavailability issues
• Tailored approaches to overcome specific compound challenges
• Rational formulation approaches to achieve optimal outcomes
• In depth understanding of formulation effects and in vivo prediction
• Delivering the maximum information from small quantities of compound


Why choose Almac for solid state services?

We are experts in solid state chemistry. We understand that identifying and consistently producing a drug in its optimal physical form is vital to the success of drug development programmes, and we ensure our services are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. We have a proven track record with >150 virtual, biotech and large pharma clients in screening, troubleshooting and providing analytical solutions spanning the entire drug lifecycle.


“Given their expertise in drug substance and drug product development, Almac’s Physical Sciences Team were especially well positioned to identify physical forms that may give rise to valuable sources of intellectual property.”

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